After the victory against De Hazenkamp, it was time for the 2nd indoor match on November 15. This time against Noviomagum in Lent. After a short discussion, it was decided that Jan Linders provided a nice base to gather and leave by car to the club mentioned.
Once arrived and warmed up, Bart Merks opened the match strongly with 2 goals. Just kidding, Bart conceded 2 goals (not entirely his fault) and Débaldérin started with a deficit. Goal for us, goal for them; 3-1. From here on, Débaldérin warmed up and the deficit was converted into a 3-9 lead before half time – perhaps it would be nice to mention that Bart scored 2 of these.
After half-time, the gap initially remained more or less the same, with goals against, but mainly goals for from Amber, Kamiel and ML. Stand; 7-15. Still 2 goals ahead. Time to play; 11 minutes. However, what happened at this point is still unclear. Maybe Noviomagum finally woke up or they were less concerned with the referee. The fact is that the opponent suddenly decided to score four goals in a row. 11-15. Still a very nice result for Débaldérin, but a punch that hurts. Nathalie decided that this could not be the end of the match and decided to shoot another one herself. At this point Noviomagum was secured again and the score was 11-16 when the final whistle sounded. All in all, a fun match and a nice final score for Débaldérin.
Goals; Amber 4, Kamiel 4, Bart M 2, Nathalie 2, Willemijn 2, Bart S 1 and ML 1.

Kamiel Haegens