Confidential adviser

Members who suffer from undesirable behavior from others can contact a confidential adviser. It is important that prompt action is taken when unacceptable conduct is observed, because it can cause stress and psychological or physical problems. The confidential adviser is independent and everything you discuss with him/her is confidential. Behaviour is undesirable, if it bother you in any way. Bullying, (sexual) intimidation, discrimination, threats, stalking and gossiping are forms of undesirable behaviour. The confidential adviser thinks along with you and advises you in searching for a solution.


The Bongerd has confidential advisers, who are alse here for our members. Tijmen van Oostenbrugge is the primary confidential adviser for members of Débaldérin. However, you can also contact the other confidential advisers if you feel more comfortable with that. Contact details of the confidential advisers of the Bongerd are:

Ingi Alofs

  • BOSU, Fitness, Medical Fitness, Indoor Biking, Power Dumbbell Training and SnowFit instructor
  • E-mail:

Ellen van Kalsbeek

  • Aqua-aerobics, Moving to Music, Fitness, Medical Fitness, Indoor Biking and Steps Aerobics instructor
  • E-mail:

Tijmen van Oostenbrugge

  • Funxtion, (Medical) Fitness, Strength training, Strength training 40+, Strength training WSR Argo, Soccer
  • E-mail:

Casper Helling

  • Bicycle racing, BOSU, Bootcamp(us), Indoor biking, Inline Skating, Mountainbike, Skating, Survival, Speed Skating
  • E-mail:

More information from the SCB can be found here:

More information from the WUR can be found here:  

SWU Thymos
This year Kjell Tolsma and Floor Venemans, two SWU Thymos board members, became VCP’s. You can contact us when you or someone you know is experiencing unwanted or unacceptable behaviour while playing sports of any kind. Meet our VCP’s here.


Within the association we also have two people who can help you search for (professional) help. These are:

Marie-Louise Hoekman

Inge Vermeer