Emergency Protocol SCB

What to do in case of (serious) injuries or emergency during a sports training in or in the area of the Sports Centre de Bongerd (SCB).

Make sure to bring a charged phone to your training/activity and save the number of the front desk of the SCB.

In case of a serious emergency call 112 immediately!

In all other cases:

Call the front desk of the SCB. All front desk employees are emergency response officers (ERO’s). They have to be acknowledged first and know what to do and when to scale up. Tel. nr. 0317-483877 or 06-30393579.

In case you have called 112 yourselves please contact the front desk immediately afterwards. ERO’s will clear the road and guide emergency services to the location of the accident or emergency.

  1. Give them your name and your phone number so they can call you back if needed
  2. Tell them the nature and extent of the incident. Mention heart problems immediately
  3. Give them the location of the incident
  4. In case of imminent danger to life(s), first call 112! What services do you need? Ask for ambulance/police/fire services
  5. Ask someone else to call the front desk SCB to let them know about the situation

An Automatic External Defibrillator is available at the Front Desk of the SCB.

Tel. Nr. General Practise Campus: 0317-466600

Tel. Nr General Practise Center Gelderse Vallei Hospital: 0317-200800

In case of fire:

  1. Call the front desk of the SCB (Tel. nr. 0317-483877 or 06-30393579) or press manual call point (Slow-woop will go off)
  2. leave the building, take your group with you
  3. Go to the assembly point on Parking 2 in front of the SCB
  4. Report any missing persons to an emergency response officer at the assembly point or to the front desk employee

By activating the slow woop the evacuation plan is activated. This will be coordinated by the ERO at the front desk and starts by clearing the building.