Veluwe G-Cup

Débaldérin proudly organises the annual Veluwe G-Cup. This tournament is organised specifically for mentally and lightly physically disabled korfball players in all of the Netherlands. It always takes place on a Saturday mid November. Besides playing korfball, participants get to participate in arts and crafts and a relay race. Every year the tournament also has a fun theme. The winners of the tournament and the best dressed team all get to take a prize home.

The Veluwe G-Cup heavily relies on volunteers. Would you like to help out as a volunteer during the event, or in some other way contribute to this charitable event? Contact the Veluwe G-Cupcommissie at

We are happy to announce that the 2024 Veluwe G-cup will take place on Saturday November 16th! For questions about the tournament or team registration, please send an email to