Tournament schedule

Throughout the year, many tournaments take place nationally and internationally. Down below is a list with indications of when these tournaments take place. If you want to know about exact data, please contact the Toernooicommissie. If you wish to participate in a non-korfball related activity with your favourite korfball friends, we also have plenty of other activities throughout the year. Take a look at a general version of our Activity schedule.



Edinburgh International Korfball Tournament Mid January
Domcup, UtrechtEarly February
ISKT, GroningenMid March
Attila Tournament, EindhovenEarly April
IJcup, AmsterdamMid May
Paal Bokaal, DelftMid June
VET, EnschedeEarly July
Nitra, SlowakijeEarly July
Stockholm International Korfball Tournament, ZwedenEarly August
RISK, RotterdamEarly September
Keizerscup, NijmegenMid September
Alf Trophy, TilburgEarly October
Veluwecup, WageningenEarly November
Veluwe G-cup, Wageningen (Gehandicapten)Mid November
Hippocup, MaastrichtLate November
Nederlands Studentenkampioenschap Korfbal, ???Late December

Do you want to participate in a tournament? Send an email to the Toernooicommissie: