Alumni policy

Drafted in January 2014 by the board of 2013-2014 following the General Assembly of November 28, 2013. Last updated: April 2024.

After someone has deregistered as a member of Débaldérin, they have the opportunity to become an alum. This document lists the things an alum is and is not entitled to within the association.

Alumni are no longer allowed to participate in Débaldérin korfball matches and are also not permitted to attend training sessions. It is the board’s aim to avoid using alumni when there are not enough players to fill the team for a match. If this does happen sporadically, it is not intended for the respective alum(s) to have any additional rights compared to other alumni.

Alumni can still participate in tournaments. This is a fun way to stay in touch with other members (and any other alumni). Alumni interested in this can indicate so when they deregister as a member, so they will receive tournament information via email and can sign up for a tournament through the Toco in the same way as members.

Débaldérin has a Facebook group and an Instagram page. We would like to keep you, as alumni, informed about what’s happening within the association by regularly posting updates on our public Instagram and on Facebook, such as activities, matches, or tournaments.

Activities organized within Débaldérin are only accessible to members unless otherwise stated. Invitations for these activities are sent via the alumni email. The aim is to occasionally organize an activity for alumni or an activity for both members and alumni. For example, during the previous Lustrum, an alumni evening was organized. Additionally, we want to give alumni the opportunity to receive the newsletter, the Overspel Courant. If you would like to receive this, please indicate so via email.

Finally, a request to provide a different email address upon deregistration as a member, if the WUR email address was used for communication with us. Experience in organizing activities for alumni has shown that many alumni are no longer reachable via their WUR email after several years, as they have since graduated. Also, if the email address known to us changes over the years, we would like to be informed of this via