Dutch title with pun (Dé bal ging dér gewoon maar niet in) refers to Dé-bal-dér-in

On Tuesday, December 19, the last match of the 2023 calendar year was played at our neighbors DVO. In this legendary korfball hall, where there are the facilities to play a high level match, it should certainly be a piece of cake for Débaldérin to strengthen his leading position in the midweek rankings. A week before the match, people were already looking forward to it, terms such as herbstmeister, cycling to the match, supporters and clock beer were discussed around the table. In addition, it also became a goodbye match for both Nathalie and Kamiel, who are now exploring abroad. They will come back obviously because the grass is nowhere greener than in Wageningen and korfball is never boring. In short, this would be a match to enjoy.

However, in this report we will only briefly discuss the course of the match. There were no goals scored in the first 10 minutes. Débaldérin took a 2-0 lead, they played decisively but subdued and ultimately scored a halftime score of 6-4 in favor of the students. You would say that there was nothing wrong, but a complete goal drought with only 1 goal from Bart M (Bart 1 in common parlance) resulted in a drama. DVO was able to find the basket and won 11-7, both supporters and players walked off the field in disbelief, what had happened here!

DVO 1 and 2 did train for the match, but did any players secretly participate? Our bribed referee Wouter, former member Débaldérin, refereed a fair match? Had Chris forwarded our tactics? Players who had already given all their energy during training? We can’t find out anymore, the problem had to be found outside our team, but the solution was sought within ourselves. The next match we would win the Gelderland student derby by training and working hard. If we follow that line, champion aspirations do not have to be put on hold. With these thoughts, the students returned to Wageningen with a new mindset.

Then a new section…*starts the tune…tuteteduhtehhh DRESSING ROOM REVIEW… This week in the dressing room review, the shower is in the DVO hall. Spacious benches but cozy, this made the atmosphere homely while enjoying a shower beer. However, the shower did not meet the standards, 3 places is really not enough, especially when the jet is not strong enough to rinse out the shampoo. This gives a total score of 53 points on the scale.

Scores: Bart M (2), Stijn, Sanne H, Fons, Marieke and Tirza (1)

Fons Gerritsma