The last home game of the season was a beautiful one, Débaldérin against Skunk. This match was particularly special on a personal level as well, as it marked the handover from former match secretary Willemijn to myself. It was naturally exciting, but fortunately, Willemijn helped where needed, and an excellent lineup was on the field. Especially for the game, the sun started shining again and the clouds held off their rain, promising a beautiful evening.

And it was enjoyable, the setting sun reflected wonderfully on the pink-red spectacle on the field. Inge, just barely match-fit again, brilliantly opened the scoring for Débaldérin with a beautiful running goal. Skunk clearly struggled with a field where you don’t slip every minute, as I also quickly scored for Débaldérin. With a sense of drama (true stars always come later), Isa made a strong entrance; six months of trying other sports turned out not to be a limitation.

In the second half, the Bartcie stole the show with two accurate shots, although the Schreuder among the Barts did it atypically from up close. Willemijn also showed she was still of great value to the team with a beautiful shot. And Amber wouldn’t be Amber without picking up a point near the end of the game. And so it happened that student korfball again took home the title this season!

The joy didn’t end there, as the third half began in the shower. To loud cheers, every Débaldérin warrior of the evening received a shower beer or shower Fanta. Only Tom seemed not to fully grasp the concept, turning the shower Fanta into a bike Fanta. Oh well, there will be something to improve on next week in Nijmegen.