On the 19th of february a team of 5 ladies, 5 men and Nancy as mental support and pictures, departed towards Barneveld. This time we didn’t play Odik, but Spirit from Voorthuizen. The Voorthuizen sports hall was very busy this night. At 19:00 we departed from Bart’s house towards Barneveld. Some players enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner at Bart’s. We had 3 cars, driven by: Inge, Reinier and Sari. Wouter decided to take a train to Barneveld. But where did he get off the train: Barneveld Noord, Barneveld Centrum or Barneveld Zuid? Apparently this small chicken village counts 3 stations. So when will Wageningen get a station? Very unfair. Once we arrived in the sports hall we could admire another match first. Our match against Spirit started somewhat late. In our offense we had: Maryse, Inge, Reinier and Wouter. In defense we started with Lisanne, Sari, Bart and Jurren. 

The previous match against Spirit was won with 22-7 so we expected to score a lot of goals again. The match started out well, when Wouter made the first goal. Afer that Reinier, Jurren, Bary, Maryse and Lisanne followed. Quickly we were ahead with 0-7. After this the first goal for the opponent followed sadly, but don’t be too sad because we kept increasing our goals after this. Reinier made 2 goals, and Lisanne made one more as well. Our defense was strong and our offense could not stop making more goals. The match progressed relatively easy. Stijn and Marly joined the field. Sadly Stijn’s entrance was unlucky. He was pushed over and hit his head against the korfball pole. Most people would’ve stumbled off the field but Stijn kept going at it. At half-time the score was 2-16, a very nice score indeed. We agreed to not let Spirit end this match with more than 5 goals. After half-time we happily continued making goals albeit with a messier playstyle. However, the goals by Bart, Marly and Inge quickly got the game to a 2-19 score. After that Spirit made some more goals, to which Stijn responded with 2 goals, increasing our final score above 20. A very nice number, but of course not high enough. We decided to try for 30. Our messy playstyle this second half caused a few more goals by Spirit, which means we sadly didn’t manage to keep their final score below 5. But no worries, it was only 7 anyway. When Sari scored the 5-22, everyone officially score at least one goal that game. Even though we didn’t make it to 30, 7-25 is a very respectable final score.

In conclusion, the match was kind of easy for us. Débaldérin may sometimes play a bit messy, the match still had a good ending. Reinier was the MVP with 8 goals. After this Stijn scored 3 points, and Wouter, Jurren, Bart, Maryse and Lissane all scored 2 and Inge, Marly and Sari all scored 1. At 9.30 we made our way back to Wageningen.

Next match: 3rd of March Débaldérin  – Keizer Karel