Débaldérin MW1 – Spirit MW1
The first match of the new decade is a home match, a good reason to make it a win. A succesful achievement was reached during the NSKK on the 2nd of January, a kind of Champions league, where team Wageningen made it to the 4th place. This evening it’s a job for Débaldérin MW1 to also shine during the regular competition, shining every week is only done by great names and luckily Débaldérin has enough of those. We played against Spirit MW1, who are in last place so it is even more important to win this ame. This match could be used to assert dominance, so our goal was to make a lot of goals! Débaldérin used the following team setup this match:
Aanval: Eva, Rianne, Bart S (C) en Fons 
Verdediging: Luce, Manou, Erik en Wouter
Wissels: Nancy, Lisanne, Bart M, Reinier
Everyone was ready fifteen minutes in advance, after a short team meeting with many high fives. It was hard for the offense to make the first goal, but the defense was doing great. Eventually Fons made his regular first goal, and a second goal on top of that. The second defense wasn’t as strong, and allowed the opponents to score the 2-1. After this Débaldérin went crazy and goals were made by Erik, Eva, Fons, Wouter, Manou, Bart S and Reinier. Before the end of the first half, Nancy entered the field for the first time ever. The half-time score was 10-1. During half-time, not a lot was said, because the match was going well and was pretty much already decided. We decided to keep going, and try to score 20 points. We started out well, some goals were made by Bart and Eva. After this the opponents decided to score their second goal from the midline. To get over this humiliation, both Barts ensured the 15-2 with their goals. Nancy also made a lot of attempts to increase the score to win the hearts of the audience, but sadly she did not manage. The second half could be characterized by long distance shots. Reinier decided to take it upon himself to score the 20th goal to get us to a 20-4. The opponent scored a couple more golas, to which Luce and Lisanne responded by making some goals too to end with the final score of 22-7. Next week we play against the first place; Noviomagum in Nijmegen. Here we hope to decrease our score difference to 2 points!
Scorers: Fons (4). Bart S, Reinier and Bart M (all 3). Erik, Eva and Lisanne (all 2). Wouter, Manou and Luce (all 1).
The referee for this match was: Stijn