Débaldérin MW 1 – Reehorst MW2

After the disappointing loss against Odik two weeks ago, Débaldérin managed to reel in its first points this inside season. In the self study week, many people were motivated to join the home match against Reehorst and the TC came up with the next field layout:
Offense: Inge (C), Florenske, Fons, Reinier.
Defense: Maryse, Sari, Erik, Matthias.
Bench: Marie-Louise, Laura, Bart and Stijn.

The assignments were clear at the start. The opposing team had some older members so we had to use our youth to come on strong in defense so the opponents had less of a chance at shooting. More on that later. In the offense we needed to uphold focus and have a plan in mind and make goals most of all.
The players remembered well, because Reinier made the 1 – 0 with a long distance shot early on and ended Fons’ tradition of being the first to make a goal (five games in a row). Fons still managed to find the korf that game though. Matthias got a penalty, which he, against our team rules, had Erik take. He didn’t let us down though, and goals of Maryse, Inge, Fons, Sari and eventually also Matthias we made it to 8 – 0 ahead. After the bench members joined the field, Reehorst managed to fight back. The new team had some trouble adjusting, but then Bart managed to make a goal. He got penalized by two different opponents after with long distance shots. Marie-Louise finished off with a long distance shot and we went into the break with 10 – 3 on the scoreboard.
We concluded in our break that things were going well, and we would use the second half to do our i’s and strike our t’s. We had to ensure Reehorst wouldn’t get too much space for goals, distance didn’t seem to matter for the visitors.

At the start of the second half, Reehorst started in high offense and got a free ball, and another opponent of Bart brought it to 10 – 5. Soon it became 10 – 6 too and the match became more tense. Then Bart and Laura opened up the gap. But then they got two goals against them as well. The referee didn’t penalize many offenses, which did cause some confusion among the players. Bart managed to play through what seemed to be an offense caused by Stijn, proof that you should always continue playing until the referee makes you stop. Débaldérin kept making goals bringing us to a 14 – 9. Then Florenske brought us to a 15 – 9. Reehorst showed that they were good at closer shots too with two break throughs and sadly Fons had to leave the field. This was the last time Reehorst got us down to a 4 point gap, because Débaldérin went back to scoring. In the last minute, Reinier almost opened up Matthias’ chance to get us to 20 points, but sadly he missed.

Next Wednesday Débaldérin visits Nijmegen to play against Keizer Karel. On the field we won this game whilst it rained cats and dogs but in Wageningen Keizer Karel turned out to be the stronger opponent. The next home match on the 7th of January will be against Spirit who is currently last in the competition.

Final score 19 – 12.
Goals Débaldérin: Bart (5), Reinier (3), Fons, Inge and Marie-Louise (all 2), Erik, Florenske, Sari, Maryse and Matthias (all 1).