Saturday night the 8th of February we could take a nice car ride to Utrecht. Once we arrived we started inflating our beds (or pool mattresses, right Jurren?). After this we finished up our outfits. With the theme ‘guilty pleasure’ we Wageningers couldn’t help ourselves to go dressed up as climate haters. So we taped some plastic straws to our shirts and all 15 of us (without Rianne, get well soon!) were headed to the party.
Well… the first hour the music was really shitty, so we had to resort to our beers for comfort. Tournament noob Maarten carried Debbie with him while he followed Inge (the treasurer) to serve us our nice cold beers. After exactly one hour the music got a lot better and it was time to go crazy. Some until 3.30, others until 3 and the real oldies made it to 2 (sorry Linde haha). No judgement, because the next day we would get woken up at 7.15. Sadly, light sleepers were woken up later that night by an undisturbed alarm, which nobody could figure out how to turn off.
After 3 hours of sleep we woke up and had some breakfast (read: coffee), and we had to get ready for our first match. Because we brought many people to this tournament we signed up with one full Débaldérin, and one combination team with Melmac. Because of this, many matches were played, we played about a match every half hour and one time even 3 matches in a row. To keep up with our tradtions, we lost many matches once again. But it turns out the Hippo’s decided to lose even more matches, making us second-to-last (woohoo!). After we gorged on our 2 cakes and said our goodbyes to Heleen, we went home with filled tummies and nice memories.