Thursday 17 October it was finally time, the match that would be won. With a team of the most dangerous players of Débaldérin including star player Fons. And the latter is a rarity since the switch of star player Fons to KCD, the self-proclaimed but poorly substantiated ‘cozy korfball club Doorn’. Well, because this match was on Thursday, the precision shooter could be present with certainty. However, for reasons that are yet to be investigated, Fons did not show up. Suspicious situation #1.

Fortunately, no one was overboard yet because Kamiel was there, and Kamiel is also a star. Kamiel, the man who normally scores like Jurren at a party, was finally back after a period full of injuries. Supported by a team full of experience and quality, a monster score against Skunk could not be ruled out. However, something strange soon became apparent. Difficult to notice, but a trained eye and a doses of korfball knowledge showed that Débaldérin star Kamiel did shoot the ball, but never actually towards the korf. A pattern emerged of attacks in which there was good positioning and teamwork, but Kamiel then shot the ball a few meters north or south of the korf. When this same Débaldérin star, even with an inside ball, threw the ball towards a cloud rather than the basket, it was clear to even the most blind Débaldérin fan that something strange was going on. Suspicious situation #2.

The match was eventually just lost 10 – 9, with circumstances that gnawed at many Débaldérinners. Words like bribery, match fixing and fraud came up, but no one really dared to say them anymore. There are theories: Was Fons bought off, kidnapped and/or killed? If so, did Kamiel know about this or is he also a victim of drugging, for example? It is therefore clear that research is needed, for example by a reliable Débaldérin institute such as the Bartcie. In any case, there will be a new match next Wednesday (October 25), and hopefully without further incidents.
Until then,