After a few weeks of well-deserved rest, it was time for the first midweek competition of the year. Despite the holidays, the enthusiasm among the members for this competition was not very high. While our opponent was the Animo club (yes, this joke has been made several times). Ultimately, 12 players were ready to play this match. We also recruited a brand new player during the intro training for this match, namely Alyce. The average age of our opponent was slightly lower than the average midweek team, so we already knew that this match would be a challenge. Débaldérin started the match strongly with a goal from Bart S. in the first attack. Unfortunately, the opponent also scored immediately in their first attack, which immediately lost this lead. We remained evenly matched until the score was 2-2, but then the opponent outpaced the lead quite quickly. The opponents played very much on the passage inside, which we found very difficult to defend. The opponent also had a bit more length, which made attacking difficult for us, because we could not repeat. Ultimately we went into halftime with a 2-12 deficit. This is obviously not how you want to start the first match of the year, so during half time an attempt was made to make a new battle plan. For example, they tried to defend a little behind and defended more physically, which all had a reasonable effect. Unfortunately, the opponent just kept scoring. Fortunately, we also scored more in the second half, but we were unable to overtake the opponent for a long time. All in all it was a fun and sporty match, but the opponent was simply better.

Final score: 8-22

Sane Huijgen, any errors are referred to Google translate