New season, new chances, but apparently also new playing times. On a chilly, semi-dry Wednesday evening we Débaldérinners were invited to come to the Hazenkamp. The late hour of the day (21.30) was on its own a selecting procedure, only the toughest Débaldérin players signed up. Not for nothing, as this review will show, the Hazenkamp facilities set a high standard.


Traveling to the Hazenkamp in Nijmegen at this time of the day made us strongly incline to use cars. Because the world championship of football is hosted by the generous nation of Qatar, we decided to also travel in Qatari spirit. This meant that women and men were strictly separated with their own cars. We did have ML driving but hoped that Qatari customs would forgive us this small detail. Traveling time was a little over half an hour, thus perfectly reachable. The parking facilities however were limited, but luckily there were exactly two spots remaining for our ‘mechanical camels’.

The hall that was made available for us today was ‘sportzaal de Meijhorst’, which looked very clean with a design of some very nice Débaldérin red, as depicted in the image below. Besides it being clean, it was also warm there, which is not a given nowadays. Third good point of the facility itself was the choice of dressing rooms, we could decide which one suited us best.

Image 1: ‘Sportzaal de Meijhorst’, retrieved from

The dressing room that I had the pleasure of utilizing was dressing room 3, a spacious and clean dressing room at first impression. A quick inspection showed that everything was present as well, the expected benches, clothing hangers, a clean toilet and cherry on top: The showers. The showers were more than sufficient in number and provided some excellent water of exactly the right temperature. A recommendation that I would like to give you dear readers is to drink some beer there as wel, as this took the already good showering experience to the next level.

Lastly the field was there ‘KV Hazenkamp’ dropped the ball. Firstly, the already bad time frame got worse when we could only enter the hall after 21.30. Secondly The ball provided by the association was the notorious ‘orange bouncing ball’ and thirdly they dared to score more than we did, thus making us lose the game.

Final score: 19 – 12

Final rating:

Table 1: Débaldérin scoreboard, in a descending then chronological order, adapted from the ‘wedstrijdboekje’

PlayerGoalsTotal goals (season)Matches (season)
Bart M.331
Jelmer S111