On Wednesday, April 17, the game against Noviomagum was played. Of course, this couldn’t happen without a well-filled stomach. Delicious pancakes were prepared for the game by Deen! And these were quickly eaten by the match players. The first obstacle had to be overcome before we could cycle to the Bongerd, namely the unpredictable stormy weather… They looked at the weather apps, but these turned out to be nothing but lies… A heavy hailstorm hit the Débaldérinners on their way on their bicycles. But of course this should not ruin the mood.

Once we arrived at the Bongerd, we had to warm up to get the cold under control. When the muscles were warmed up, Willemijn gave the whistle to start the match. And soon Marieke scored the first goal! Bart quickly followed with another shot. Unfortunately, we couldn’t quickly build up to many goals. The opponents were very inexperienced, which on the one hand made for an easier match. But on the other hand, this also caused a lot of unpredictable movements… The opponent even came back to 4 – 3. That’s why it was important to add a few more goals before half-time! Bart and Marieke both threw in another goal and that’s why we went into halftime with 7 – 3. In the meeting, Bart concluded that much more could and should be scored against this opponent. It was important to become sharper and not to throw balls up too quickly. The second half started and Reinier scored the opening goal for the second half. The goals flew around the opponent’s ears. Beautiful balls were played, especially by Reinier and Amber! I can still see them flying…. In the end, the score extended to 20 – 4 and almost everyone had scored. Only Emma, in her debut game, missed a goal. That’s why in the last two minutes, all the balls were fired at Emma. And with success! In the last minute she scored the 21 -4 and the game was closed! Those pancakes must have been the success!

Lieke Giljam