It was a busy week for Débaldérin. GMM on Monday, training on Tuesday, a match on Wednesday and then training on Thursday. In addition, many members were actually still tired of the G-Cup. It was therefore not surprising that it was difficult to find enthusiasm for an autumnal bike ride through the infield to and from Veenendaal. On Wednesday morning, only 7 volunteers had registered: Willemijn, Amber, Nathalie, Jurren, Deen, Bart and Bart. There was a lot of pushing, but no 4th lady was found and an extra gentleman (just for fun) did not register. Reinier indicated that he would like to come along if necessary, but that he could not go by bike. He had to train until 8:00 PM in an atmospheric sports hall in Northwest. And there was even more discussion about cycling. Nathalie absolutely did not want to cycle, Jurren claimed loudly that he was too old for that. Amber didn’t like it either, Bart S would only return to Wageningen after his internship period (and he didn’t think he had to cycle as a car supplier). And there was still no 4th queen.

Around dinner time it was decided that a gentleman should play as a lady and that the volunteers, Bart M, Deen & Willemijn, should be applauded for that, would go cycling. They would then leave from the approach so that the items could be put in the car. Bart Merks insisted on leaving from the Haarweg because then he knew the way. So the car would leave from the Haarweg, pick up Reinier at the approach and then go to Veenendaal. It was controversial that a gentleman would play as a queen. In 2023, the association will allow midweek korfball, but the conservatives within Débaldérin were very upset earlier this indoor season when the Hazekamp played with a gentleman as a lady. Fortunately, the victory in that match could calm the emotions somewhat.

The cyclists arrived in Veenendaal before the car crew. Bart Merks had neatly guided Deen and Willemijn through the dark infield. During the match discussion in the duplo corner of the SKF canteen, it was decided that Jurren would play as a lady and some final improvements were made to the line-up. All this despite the great interest of a number of players in the toddler toys. After all, if you play korfball with only 8 players, no one can change sections once the match has started. Nathalie, Amber, Deen and Bart S finally started in attack. The match started as it should in defense with Willemijn, Jurren, Reinier and Bart M. Because there was no substitution, I owe you the score, but I know I still remember that we took a 0-7 lead. SKF defended from behind, gave little pressure and, especially with the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th ball, Débaldérin was often able to connect from comfortable distances. Nathalie in particular was deadly pure from that distance. It must be said that we also played very well, with an acceptable shooting percentage and smooth but, when necessary, patient play, Débaldérin really did everything right that he normally does wrong in these types of matches. When the score was about 1-8 (or 2-7), disaster struck mercilessly. Willemijn, playing in a field that was not well suited to the queen anyway, dropped out with a painful ankle. The result was that Débaldérin continued to play in one box with 2 ladies and 2 men and in the other box with 3 men (including Jurren as a lady). Even with the numerical superiority, SKF did not really get into the match better. Despite the female attention, er I mean opposition, Jurren dominated the rebound and Débaldérin’s shooters continued to hit the ball in the first half. At halftime it was concluded that things were going in the right direction (2 – 13). At the start of the 2nd half, SKF actually took off and doubled their score. However, Débaldérin also picked up the thread again and for a moment even the 30 goals seemed within reach. Willemijn had also recovered sufficiently to make her return. However, towards the end of the match, production in the first offensive zone stalled, even a goal by Bart S was disallowed because the referee had already

whistle for a foul on Deen. Ultimately, a goal was scored and a switch was made. After which the goals started happening again. Unfortunately this was not enough to reach 30 goals, perhaps it is because SKF only allowed us to play 2*25 minutes. But with 10-28 a very respectable final score was achieved. Afterwards, a nice souvenir of this stand was made with the aforementioned duplicate.

A selection of the most beautiful goals

· In the first half, the first attacking zone managed to score via Nahtalie after only one pass.

· Reinier released himself and shot at the basket. Jurren caught it and let Reinier take the shot a second time, back on the basket. Reinier caught this ball himself and took a chance, but missed. After this, Reinier received the ball a 4th time and this time he only tried with one hand: hit.

Scores: Nathalie (7), Bart Merks (6), Reinier (6), Bart Schreuder (4), Amber (3), Jurren (1) unclaimed (1).

The proud sovereign leader in midweek group 13 will play one more match this calendar year. On Tuesday, December 19, the exam week will be enhanced with the unique opportunity to train and visit/play an away match at DVO. DVO is one of the 3 teams that is 3rd in the group with 2 out of 2, so an important step towards the championship can once again be taken. In 2nd place is Hazekamp, which already visited Wageningen. Below are the goal scorers in the room at Débaldérin. Information about visiting the DVO – Débaldérin match can be requested from Chris, Sanne van de Veen or Matthijs.

For the goal count of the season see dutch version

Bart Schreuder