This year Débaldérin is celebrating her fiftieth birthday, and to celebrate this properly, yearround different anniversary activities are happening. To get into the anniversary mood, you can watch the following video (in Dutch):

Let op!

The dates of the activities are incorrect in the video, see the appropriate dates below:

And now a message by Bart:

Hello my Débaldérin friends. As a LustrumCie member I am again delivering great news. I happen to be promoted, no this has nothing to do with my internship. Starting today I am proud game leader and competition secretary (‘Vo TC) for the great WSKV Débaldérin Lustrum X competition. Similarly to the “Tournament barometer” we will see who is the most enthusiastic, FOMO suffering and qualitative Lustrum participant!!! Starting tonight, you can earn points, or “Wollies”, at each (Lustrum)activity and tournament. You can earn them by mere presence and/or the execution/winning of a specified assignment. For our new members we will keep track of a separate ranking for the “Calf Cup” in our search for the “rookie of the year”. How you can earn Wollies will be announced per activity later in the year, the rules stated below are confirmed:

Rulebook lustrum Competition

  1. Points are obtainable by:
    1. Presence at a Lustrumactivity.
    2. Assignments announced by the LustrumCie.
    3. By wining or achieving a high ranking in a Lustrum related game.
    4. In any other way or form announced by the LustrumCie.
    5. The LustrumCie reserves its right to counteractively grant Wollies in case she was too busy to do so before the activity.
    6. The LustrumCie reserves its right to subtract or grant Wollies to members that respectively obstruct or assist in organising her activities.
  2. Ways, other than presence, obtain Wollies will be announced by the LustrumCie for each occasion.
  3. You can also win points for Studentkorfballtournaments (SKTs):
    1. For each SKT, starting at the Alf Trophy and ending with the “familyday”, 5 wollies are obtainable by presence.
    2. You can only obtain Wollies for presence at an SKT 4 times.
    3. The NSKK and EIKT do not count as an SKT.
    4. At our own tournament, the Veluwecup, you can earn 20 Wollies instead of 5. The Veluwecup does count for the maximum number of SKTs you can earn Wollies for.
  4. For presence at a General Members Meeting 5 Wollies are earned each time.
  5. For each Lustrum activity you can earn 20 Wollies for being present.
  6. The score shall be kept by the Lustrumcie and a ranking will be published regularly.
  7. How many Wollies one can earn per activity and by doing what shall be added to this document and published regularly.
  8. If you correctly gues the name of this competition and send the answer to Debbie before 03-10-2023 you can earn 10 extra Wollies.
  9. Special jokers enable you to subtract 7 Wollies from a member of choice.
    1. The member who earns a joker must use it within 2 weeks by communicating with the LustrumCie.
    2. The member who earns a joker may choose which member will lose 7 Wollies.
  10. Jokers can be earned by sending Nathalie a message to tell her where she currently is residing.
    1. The first 3 members to send Nathalie a WhatsApp message what town she is currently staying in, earn a joker.

    Opening Party Lustrum X

  11. For presence at the opening party of the lustrum held on 26-09-2023 20 Wollies are to be awarded. In order to be awarded for presence at the opening party a picture of the participant in Annie’s needs to be send to Debbie.
  12. At the opening party 20 extra Wollies can be earned. For every picture of a participant with one of the 5 different “Sara’s” that can be found at the party the participant is awarded with 4 Wollies. These pictures need to be send to Debbie.

  13. Clinic

  14. For participation at the clinic in the DVO hall, held on 03-10-2024, 20 wollies will be awarded. The group picture taken at the end will be used for this purpose.
  15. The Lustrumcie notes that Marieke is not on that picture because she took it, 20 Wollies will be awarded to Marieke.
  16. The top 3 off the “Kampioentje”/”Afknallertje” game held at the end of the clinic will be awarded Wollies. #1=20, #2=12, #3=5.

  17. Reunion evening

  18. For presence at the Reunion evening you can earn 20 Wollies.
  19. For baking and bringing a cake to the Reunion evening, you will earn 10 Wollies.
  20. At the Reunion evening, up to 15 Wollies can be earned at the bingo game.

  21. Veluwecup

  22. Every member who bakes and brings a cake, will earn 10 Wollies.
  23. The outfit price for the Veluwecup will be determined by poll in the Toerco WhatsApp group. Every member who identifies with the winning gender and was present at the party, earns 15 Wollies.

    Chic Dinner

  24. You can earn 20 Wollies by attending the Chic Dinner.
  25. You can earn 5 Wollies by keeping to the dresscode “Débaldérin Chic”, 5 for “Débaldérin” & 5 for “Chic”
  26. You can earn 10 Wollies by taking a picture in the photobooth.

  27. New Year’s Drinks

  28. The members of the winning team at the beer pong tournament earn 7 Wollies.
  29. Preases Tirza van den Dikkenberg earns 4 Wollies for maintaining the strip act tradition.
  30. Every member who sends Bart Schreuder a message with the year they became a member of Débaldérin and the names of those who were in charge of the strip act, earn 4 Wollies.
  31. In case a member thinks rule 27.C is unfair because they only became a member after the New Year Drinks, is allowed to name the members who were in charge of the strip act in their second year as a member.

  32. Cobo Board

  33. You can earn 5 Wollies by being present at the Cobo. Take a picture with a Débaldérin board member other than Sara and send it to Bart Schreuder.

  34. Club evening

  35. You can earn 20 Wollies by attending the Club evening.

  36. Liftweekend

  37. You can earn 20 Wollies by attending the Liftweekend.
  38. One joker will be given out among the first 10 members to sign up for the Liftweekend.

  39. Family Day

  40. TBD