Soon we shall have the opportunity to gloriously participate in the 51st Batavian Race. This is a race which originally followed the path the Batavians took on water rafts in the year 50 BC. This was from Nijmegen to Rotterdam. Nowadays the race takes place between Nijmegen and Enschede which is almost as exciting as Rotterdam and totals to 175 km in distance. We want to participate in this race with a team of 25 with De Hippo’s, the korfball club from Maastricht. Things you can expect to experience this weekend:

  • Running either at night, the morning, or the afternoon
  • Running a distance of your own choosing between 3 and 12km
  • Partying it up at the largest student party of the BeNeLux
  • Camping whenever you are not running or partying
  • Riding a bicycle next to your running buddy, and switching roles after their run
  • Watching hilarious costumes as the final runners show up on the tracks to finish the race

Even though the race is still a bit away, our first opportunity to sign up a team is November 7th, so we need to count heads early to make sure we can get to a team of 25!