Traditionally, this relay race starts in Nijmegen and ends in Enschede. After the race, a big big party is celebrated with all the participants. For obvious reasons, this year an alternative version will be held. For this version, everyone will still run the 125km, and you can run in pairs if you want (or one runner and someone guiding by bicycle). A team consists of 25 members, which means on average everyone will run 5km, but you can run as much as you want as long as we total to the 125km! We will track the distances and run times online. The organization is still looking into ways to make this race as much fun as possible despite being online. You can run from anywhere in the country, and since two people can come together at once, it is possible to make this partially into a proper relay race, if you are interested ? I will make an event on the website where everyone can sign up if they are interested. By March 10, I will see if enough people are interested to sign up a team.?

TL;DR: Do you like running, would you like to challenge yourself and participate in the Batavierenrace with fellow Débaldérinrunners? Sign up on the website, or send me a message!