First of all, what the heck does ‘korfball’ mean? Korfball is a typical Dutch sport which is played in The Netherlands, Belgium, England and some parts of Asia. ‘We’ (the Dutchies) usually beat other countries during world championships. Basically we have invented a sport in which we are unbeatable. An amazing concept. If you are an international student interested in getting some real Dutch cultural action then Korfball is the sport to try.  

The game
In the family of sports, korfball would be most related to basketball even though one is not allowed to walk while being in possession of the ball. The court consists of two sections with a basket (called the “korf”) in the middle. In each of these sections, one party attacks whilst the other tries to intercept the ball. Once the ball is intercepted it will be played to the attacking section. Obviously there are some more advanced rules, but the basics are enough for now. You will get a hang of it once you step on the court. So what are you waiting for?  

Débaldérin is the student korfball association of Wageningen, founded in 1973. It is the association for anyone studying in Wageningen and Ede. Bachelors, masters and PHD; Débaldérin has a great variety of members. But what actually happens at Débaldérin?

Débaldérin has two teams. One has matches during the week whilst the other plays in weekends.

The only open training of the week is scheduled at Tuesdays from 19:00 until 20:30. Afterwards, members stay and have a drink in the sports pub ‘De Bongerd’ and enjoy a chat with one another.

Every week a match is played on either Tuesdays (at home) or Wednesdays (visiting). When a match is scheduled at home, not a full training can take place. However, many members of Débaldérin come anyway to support the team that is playing.

Tournaments are fun activities in which Débaldérin and other student korfball teams visit a city to play games and enjoy a party. Last mentioned usually happens on the Saturday evening/night whilst the games are played on the Sunday of the tournament… Another great Dutch concept! It is a lot of fun though. Débaldérin organises an own tournament as well. This one is called ‘the Veluwecup’ and takes place every November.

Other activities
Last but not least, important to know is that Débaldérin is more than just a sports association. A large amount of activities are organised every year, including lots of drinks, fun activities, dinner evenings, etc. etc.

Now what?!
If you are interested in getting familiar to this Dutch sport then you are more than welcome to come and enjoy a training on Tuesdays from 19:00 – 20:30. It does not matter whether you have no idea what korfball actually is. Maybe you have never even touched a ball. We will introduce you and you will have a great evening. Just make sure you let us know via !
We hope to see you soon!